Top 5 Fitness Trackers, You Wear

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These Top 5 fitness trackers range from simple to sophisticated, with prices to fit your budget, fitness goals, lifestyle, and fashion sense.

All fitness trackers monitor your movements, often connecting and Bluetooth syncing with a computer or mobile device and app to store data about your day’s activities. The types of activities tracked vary by the tracker with most including the number of steps taken, hours of sleep, heart rate.

Fitness trackers can be an expensive investment, so wearing it on your less dominant hand means it is less likely to get bashed and bumped while you move. Your less dominant arm moves less, which means you are less likely to get incorrect data from your tracker thinking you’re taking steps when you’re not.

It’s important to know your fitness tracker, if it has a built-in heart rate monitor, it will never be as accurate as a chest strap. And your step count may be slightly off, so make sure you track your steps over many days to smooth out any aberrations in the readings. Leading fitness apps such as Myfitnesspal work with most fitness wearables to tracker your progress.

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